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About us

We are committed to improving your travel by revolutionalizing communication 35,000 feet above the ground

ConnectivityWith high-speed internet, our passengers can now stream their videos live from 30,000 feet in the skies and stay connected via live social media feeds, video call, and many more! With airasia wifi, 'I'll text when I land' is a thing in the past! Welcome to the future!

OfferingsInflight entertainment & connectivity (IFEC) for our passengers, catering FREE content, games, music, reads & even shopping to keep our guests entertained througout their journey with us

GoalWe are the largest fleet among all low cost airlines to be equipped with high speed internet, across Asia. Powered by Inmarsat's GX solution, our goal is to create the largest connected community in the sky. Because the sky is no longer the limit!

We are available in these countries

AirAsia Malaysia
AirAsia Philipines
AirAsia Thailand
AirAsia Indonesia

Leading provider of next-generation IFEC software solutions

airasia wifi's mission is to create the largest connected community in the skies by offering our passengers a revolutionary range of services to deliver an excellent digital experience for passengers. From high-speed Internet, free content services to an inflight e-commerce service for home delivery, airport collection and inflight fulfillment, we have always offered personalized services to ensure relevance and great experience for our passengers.

This mission is made possible with ROKKI, the IFEC Software company. Our values are aligned to never stop dreaming up new ideas and developing innovative products. This is to provide advanced inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) solutions to our guests.

ROKKI is proud to be a truly Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) airline IFEC provider with established operations across all AirAsia group of companies.

Award-winning IFEC service provider

Winner of Inflight Asia-Pacific Award 2018Best Airline Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFEC) Experience

Winner of IDC Digital Transformation Leader 2019