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    Turn on Wi-Fi

    Please ensure that your device is on 'Flight Mode' when enabling WiFi.
  2. 2

    Connect to FREE airasia wifi

    You can begin connecting once the seatbelt sign has been switched off after take-off.
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    Visit wifi.airasia.com on your web browser

    This will direct you to the free airasia wifi Portal.
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    Enjoy all of airasia wifi’s exciting offerings!

    Videos, music, games, magazines, Internet, shopping, and more.

airasia wifi is introduced to cater to the globalized world of travellers, businessmen, and explorers to stay in touch and never miss out on anything while they travel. airasia wifi (formerly known as Rokki.com / Rokki WiFi) is an inflight WiFi service that is able to connect passengers to all array of chatting apps (like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc), as well as supporting social apps (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Weibo, etc). Our inflight internet service also comes with free video content, music playlists, games, latest news and our digitized travel magazine - Travel360 & shop in the air.

Before going for your flight, it is best to check if your flight is WiFi-enabled, by typing in your flight number under the Check Flight WiFi button on the right bottom corner on the mobile site & left tab on desktop, 8 hours before your flight. This is because the inflight WiFi is available on selected flights only. When you’re on a WiFi-enabled flight, here’s how you can connect to airasia wifi onboard during your AirAsia flight: Once your flight reaches cruising altitude (10,000 feet and above, and seatbelt sign are off), enable Wi-Fi on your device and connect to the ‘FREE airasia wifi’ network. Launch your web browser and enter the web address: wifi.airasia.com to load the portal. Proceed to purchase Wi-Fi on board, or log in to your session with your Wi-Fi login details or any promo code if there are any connectivity promotions going on. For more info, refer to our FAQ page in our inflight portal.

If you’ve exhausted your inflight internet usage, there are 5 Internet Plans available for different purposes during your time inflight which are MYR 9 - 10 MB Internet Plan (Best for Chat Apps), MYR 18 - 20 MB Internet Plan (Best for Social Media), MYR 38 - 50 MB Internet Plan (Best for Emails & browsing), MYR 48 - 100 MB Internet Plan (Best for Lite Streaming), MYR 58 - 200 MB Internet Plan (Best for Streaming). There are two types of WiFi on planes / in-flight connectivity, L-band (airasia wifi) & Ka-band (airasia wifi+ with High-Speed Internet) that draws signals from satellites. These two connections are both available on selected AirAsia flights. Get connected at 10k feet and above!