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airasia wifi launched it’s latest Moving Map feature

airasia wifi has always been an advocate for enhanced customer experience within the cabin, where passengers could stay connected and entertained even above 35,000 feet in the sky.

With that, airasia wifi has added an additional feature with Moving Maps for passengers to not only track their journey but to add value to their travels.

To serve as an assistant to passengers prior to arriving at their destination, the moving map includes information like arrival airport name, weather, and gate information. Furthermore, it features activities suggestions at your destination for passengers to find out what’s the hottest spot to visit for their travel. This will help passengers navigate and explore new places that they may not know before.

The AirAsia Moving map also allows passengers to access other basic information, such as, their flight duration, remaining flight duration, distance from destination, and current speed.

airasia wifi believes that this feature will further enhance passengers’ travels even better than before.