Now you can order from your own device

AirAsia WiFi is in-line with AirAsia’s direction in digitizing cabin experience. As part of our effort to reduce contact during travels, we’ve revolutionized the inflight ordering system - now you can order Santan meals, drinks, AirAsia merchandise & Duty-Free products from your own device.

airasia rewards

Collect - For guests who order on their own device via airasia wifi portal, for every RM2 spent, will be rewarded 1 point.

Here’s how to order:

  1. Connect to AirAsia WiFi after the seatbelt sign is off
  2. Log on to
  3. On the homepage itself, you can:
    1. Tap on the icon ‘Onboard meals’ above,
    2. Tap on Meals, Duty Free or Merchandise
    3. You may browse via your preferred categories -
      1. Meals: Hot Meals, Light Snacks or Snacks
      2. Duty Free / Merchandise: Apparel, Aircraft Models, Kids etc
    4. Select desired item - tap on ‘Add to Cart
    5. Once you’ve added everything you need, go to cart, at the top right corner. And then tap on ‘Place order
    6. After that, fill in your email, name & seat number.
    7. Our friendly cabin crew will serve you and accept cash or credit card payment directly from you.
    8. Upon completing payment, you may enjoy your meal and your shopping items.

So next time you fly with AirAsia, try out this new function on your own device for a safer travel experience!